Shoot, Paint and Protect!


Use the mouse to shoot

you can only move in a circular path (your orbit), unless the enemy has invaded your orbit then you may move around inside your orbit while shooting

The screen will turn red when an enemy is at your orb

The HP is not your health but the health of the orb which is also displayed as your orbit

The timer counts how long more enemies would spawn not the time of the wave. When the time is up its up to you to finish off the remaining enemies and proceed to the next wave

the number of enemies and difficulty would start increasing after the 2nd wave

You can clear the paint in the pause menu


BG music: Lucy In Disguise - Southbound (give this artist lots of credit for making this amazing track)


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Paint and Protect.exe 8 MB 12 MB
Paint_and_Protect (post jam).exe 8 MB

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I made it to 5th wave... very fun game...

2 suggestions... change the colour of the pink enemies (the first ones) because after you have (literally) painted the floor with a few of them they are somewhat difficult to distinguish... it was not so much a problem with blue and green ones... And at the end of my first playthrough i lost because some had entered the center and i could see i had 3 enemies remaining but i could not see them and i didnt know that they were inside...

thanks for playing and your feedback i am actually working on a post jam version where the pink paint is darker and there's an indicator to let you know when the enemy has breached your orbit ( its a ridiculously huge indicator ) but anyway look forward to the post jam version